Triple Play

Being baseball season, I think the triple play analogy works well for treating fungus toenails.....treat the nails, treat the skin and treat the shoes.


As most of you know, it can be very difficult to cure fungus toenails. And once you do clear the nails of the fungus, there is a chance of recurrence. So I propose that you not only treat the nails whether using topical, oral or laser but also treat the skin and the shoes. Treat the skin, the entire foot as well as web spaces, with a topical anti fungal cream twice daily along with proper bathing, helps reduce the chance of reinfecting the nails. And don't forget to treat the shoes. Your shoes are a perfect breeding ground for fungus. We recommend using a product, Mycomist, which kills the fungus in the shoes. I don't know of anyone who would argue against a triple play.

Sarasota Foot Care Center


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