Latest Treatments for Fungal Toenails

There has been a lot of interest and confusion when it comes to the newest treatment for Onychomycosis (fungal toenails). There are a few companies that have been marketing their product to podiatrists and the public. The systems that are now available differ in their delivery systems as well as the number of treatments needed. The PinPointe system referenced in the linked article is operator dependent which means the doctor must try to reach all areas of involvement using a hand held wand.

The Nomir Laser uses pods over every toe which bathes the entire area leaving operator judgment out of the treatment equation. Also, the PinPointe treatment is a one-time higher energy approach while the Nomir uses a gentler, more patient friendly, low energy 3 treatment approach. The doctors of SFCC will be starting our program with the Nomir Laser very shortly. Please call the office for an appointment to discuss your case.

Dedicated to your foot health,
Dr. Jeffrey M. Spiegel, DPM

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