Jon Jones Open Toe Fracture

This weekend two of my interests intersected in a gruesome way. Jon Jones retained his title in the UFC by defeating Chael Sonnen. In the course of the fight, Jones broke his big toe and the fracture actually broke through the skin. It was quite a nasty fracture. "Bones" Jones did not let this small inconvenience get in the way. He just fought through it and only really looked at his broken toe after the fight. If you are interested, the pictures are on-line. They are pretty graphic. If you ever have the occasion to see your bones on the outside of your foot, you should proceed to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible. The wound will be flushed and you will be put on antibiotics. The fracture will be dealt with based on the specifics of your individual case. Jon Jones is a tough guy who is used to injury and pain due to his job. Adrenaline is an amazing force and was also a part of this equation. For those of us who don't fight for a living, go to the ER. Let the pros handle this. Committed to your health, Dr. Craig Conti Sarasota Foot Care Center

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