Impressive NASCAR Victory...with a broken Ankle!

Many people have debated wether or not to call NASCAR a true "sport" and wether or not to call NASCAR drivers true "athletes." Last week at Pocono Raceway a young driver named, Brad Keselowski proved that "athlete" or not, he had great courage and a will to win. Having broken his ankle in a practice run earlier in the week, not only did this gritty young man compete...he won! A broken ankle is a serious injury that often requires surgical repair with plates and screws, not unlike the repairs of the cars these guys drive, just cleaner. Typically a broken ankle will keep someone from walking for several weeks and that goes for driving too. Mr. Keselowski had other ideas. With a very swollen, bruised and I am quite sure very painful ankle, he took the checkered flag and proved that NASCAR drivers are tough if nothing else. I applaud his courage, but as a foot doctor I have to recommend that if you ever have the bad fortune of a broken ankle you have it treated immediatly, not after you win the next race!


Committed to your health,

Dr. Craig Conti
Sarasota Foot Care Center

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