Do You Have Thick, Yellow, Ugly Toenails?

If you are one of the 35 million Americans that have thick, yellow, ugly toenails than this information is for you. A new and exciting treatment option is finally available. No more will you have to hide your toenails. No more will you have to take a pill that may interact with other medicines and must be filtered through your liver.
Now the Noveon Laser has entered the market. A recent study published in a major podiatric medical journal reports 85% improvement in appearance of nails 6 months after treatment. The laser is safe, painless and takes as little as 3 separate 15 minute sessions, spread out over 2 months. Just like any technological breakthrough the Noveon Laser is not covered by medical insurance. The cost of treatment depends on the number of toenails involved and the severity of the infection. To give you an estimate of the cost, it ranges from $600-$1400. Remember that Lamisil pills used to cost over $1000 dollars and topical treatments cost several hundred dollars over the course of the year, not to mention the time and aggravation.
For years people have been clamoring for a new and effective treatment to this embarrassing condition and now it has arrived. Be one of the first to have your nail fungus safely, effectively and painlessly treated with the most modern of technologies.


Committed to your health,

Dr. Craig Conti
Sarasota Foot Care Center

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