Athlete Has Partial Foot Amputation because of MRSA Infection

It has been reported that 7'7'' UNC Asheville basketball player, Kenny George, had a partial amputation of his foot because of MRSA infection. He developed this infection while at a basketball camp during the summer. It appears that even with early treatment that this aggressive infection could not be controlled with antibiotics along and required the surgery to remove infected tissue and bone. It has not been reported as to how much of Kenny's foot was amputated so it is hard to tell his recovery and potential to play basketball.

MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact through openings in the skin. The usual antibiotics used to treat staph infections do not kill off this stain of bacteria and typically requires IV antibiotic of Vancomycin. When the infection is aggressive, the surrounding tissue, skin, tendon, and bone, "dies" requiring surgery to remove it which may include partial or total amputations.

As with any infection, timely evaluation and treatment are of most importance. When ever you develop redness, soreness, drainage, and heat of any area, seek medical treatment promptly.

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