Order your free Lumps & Bumps bookNeurofibromas are soft, fleshy growths that occur on or under the skin, sometimes even deep within the body. They can also occur on the bottoms of the feet. These are benign (harmless) tumors; however, they can become malignant or cancerous in rare cases.

Symptoms of Neurofibromas

The symptoms of neurofibromas vary, depending on the location and size of the tumor. Symptoms can include:

  • Painless, slow-growing mass
  • Occasional pain
  • Electric-like "shock" when the affected area is touched
  • Neurological problems if a major motor or sensory nerve is compressed between the tumor and a hard structure

How Are Neurofibromas Treated?

If the tumor is not causing any symptoms, no treatment may be necessary. However, a podiatrist may choose to surgically remove the neurofibroma if it is affecting a major nerve or the growth makes it painful to walk. In most cases, neurofibromas are treated successfully and do not recur.